Friday, April 27, 2007

Rug up for the new season

With the recent surge in newly opening bars / resturants / cafes / art spaces in this town and the increase in the promise of rain for our fair city. I believe it is only fair that trashicon start to get it arse back into gear and goes to put out its new and improved guide to the city that goes to sleep at 4am.

With a senses day of thursday and a publication day of monday each week. Trashicon will only continue to survive if people post in ideas for articles and reviews to keep it alive.

The same simple layout will revolve around seven simple words:


Each week we hope to produce the ultimate guide to the week to come.

Also pseudo daily / fortnightly / monthly exhibitions will change according to the days.

Monday, May 29, 2006

trashicon weekly #11 : 'burger'

from watching sex and the city ... season 6. this week is an ode to that fun loving
writer 'jack burger'.

this week however has nothing to do with sex and the city, or any romantic comedy t.v.
series which ran for that little bit to long.

this week in trashicon:

write : stereogum
visit : text books
listen : guns'n'roses
drink : ginger
sleep : dili
eat : jungle juice
drink more : coffee
listen more : virgin radio

short, sweet and very very to the point that is all for this weeks trashicon.

now for the PSA's:

share your art / writing / music with the wider community, trashicon monthly
needs your help ...

if you are receiving this message, you have either signed
up to the trashicon mail list yourself, or someone you know
saw this site and thought of you ... how kind of them...

and let it be known that if you don't want to see another
email like this one next week you can reply to this email and
tell me why and to take you off it....


the real 'lost'

the rumor has turned to life and now its getting bigger than the T.V.

what do you do when your multi millonairs?

lease a deserted island in fiji and rent it out to people who want to live the life of jack, sawyer and the other kids of lost.

tribewanted is doing just that; giving 5000 people the chance to live and built a community from nothing in either 7, 14, 21 days spurts.

all you need to do is register, pay your money and then get to fiji. who knows it could all end up like this:


Friday, May 26, 2006

trashicon #1 - George Michael

what more can you say about a man singing about being passed out on the wheel of his own car?

"Pop star George Michael has written a new song
inspired by the night he was found slumped over
the wheel of his car at Hyde Park Corner."

number 1 indeed....

credits : the age


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Madonna #2 .. the new spice

kids these days... they can only really blame their parents.

tiger lilli, suri and now we have Bluebell Madonna.

the geri halliwell has now dropped a new bundle of spice into this unforgiving world and i cant wait until it gets into highschool and gets teased for its name.

Bluebell Madonna, because apparently they are both very rare. all i can say is poor kid.

+ = the new spice...


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mr tulk cafe

with over a year in the making this new 'little' cafe on the scene better live up to expectations. expresso in the age commented on this venture in august last year.

looking through the large glass windows it looks like a winner, but from reports that it will be a 140 seater, one just has to wonder about the small wooden corners where people can relax...

anyway it is either open now or within the next few days and then we will really see what it has to offer...

here is a photo of its current state:


Monday, May 22, 2006

trashicon weekly .10 'yellow' -: :

we are growing up ... now into double figures and still going strong trashicon investigates exactly what it is, that is, the colour 'yellow'

scientifically speaking, yellow is the colour which corresponds to a wave length between 565 and 590 nanometers. but all that doesn?t mean anything to the majority.

what is important is that yellow is the colour of the sun, which keeps us warm.. even in winter. and now that there is less and less sun to go around we should all stop and think of its importance in our everyday life.

this week in trashicon we look at:

write : re:raduza
visit : artschmart
listen : louis XIV
drink : section 8: container bar
sleep : the third world
eat : thai taste
drink more : monin
listen more : tapeclub

so go to look at the pretty text on the screen and remember to brush you teeth before leaving the house and to rug up, because damn its cold outside.

trashicon is looking for more writers to contribute to the daily section, if you are interested please msg or leave a msg on trashicon myspace site and we shall work something out. you need not be that interesting just be able to produce something half (or a quarter) readable that you would like to share with the world.

as always : if you are receiving this message, you have either signed up to the trashicon mail list yourself, or someone you know saw this site and thought of you ... how kind of them....

and let it be known that if you don't want to see another email like this one next week you can reply to this email and tell me why and to take you off it....

trashicon - for when it rains in melbourne


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Great day for news.... trashicon #1: Britney

Sean Preston : aka ... lucky to be alive.

number #1 reason for this is his mum is none other than our #1 trashicon britney spears.

after being driven in a car on her lap, sitting backwards in the back of the car with the top down and droped by their nanny. the latest in this fantastic saga is Britney herself playing a lil basketball with the kid.

check out this vid and for all the cringe worthy reasons you buy Famous and read it cover to cover.

Sean Preston vs. Britney
Britney : 4 Sean : 0


Garbage Scout - not yet in melbourne...

now this site is called trashicon (trash-icon) not because of rubbish .. but because of the trashy people and celebrities in the news.

But along the way this site came up... garbage scout.

if you live in New York, San Fran or Philli in the U.S. (sorry guys and girls no melbourne branch just yet) and you see some crap on the side of the road... now instead of just passing it by, you can take a photo, post it for some hobo to come along and collect it.

This seriously bizarre .. but for all those scummy little trash lovers .. this is gold.

check it out if only for a laugh.. and if you know someone from NY, tell them where they can get a new bed....